Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Blogsite / SOS

After last weekends race (Survival of the Shawankgunks), I decided that I really need to get back to maintain some type of log of my crazy activities.  So below is my race report.  I plan on updating this site a little more regularly now to as the main triathlon season is over and it is time to expand activities.

SOS Race Report (Camped in Rosendale just north of New Paltz the day before the race)

Leg 1 (30 mile bike):
The bike ride was fun.  Fast and flat for the 1st 25 miles.  At mile 10 I was averaging 22.8 mph held over 21 until mile 25.  Then dropped to 18.5 during that climb.  Tried to hold back during the entire ride as still plenty of work to come, but tough to do a climb like that either way. 

Leg 2 (4.5 mile run):
The 1st run was really tough for the 1st 2 miles while the climb continued, but after the peak I got into a nice groove around 7:40 pace and knocked my average down to 8 min / mile by the end. 

Leg 3 (1.1 mile swim):
Speed wise the swim went great.  Did it in 33 min guessing it was not quite 1.1 miles, but close.  Was freezing by the middle of the swim and had to stop for a hot cub of tea (literally) after the swim to warm up. 

Leg 4 (5.5 mile run):
1st mile and a half of the run were tough with another climb and shivering, but warmed up by the time I hit the peak.  Beautiful run looking out into the canyon.  Similar as the 1st run after the peak found a nice groove and ended the run with 8:15/ mile. 

Leg 5 (0.5 mile swim):
The swim went nice and smooth and I flew through it feeling great.  A little cold at the end. 

Leg 6 (8 mile run):
This was my toughest leg of the day.  Running down the side of a mountain on pavement hurts no matter what.  I couldn't get any speed until I hit the main path and then found a groove which lasted for about 4 miles.  Muscled through mile 5, but then had to really work from there (which is really where my run training ends funny enough).  Left knee and left calf hurt quite a bit but with a few quick walk breaks managed to get to the final swim.  Avg pace 9 / mile. 

Leg 7 (0.5 mile swim):
Another swim leg that went very well.  Beautiful area and felt great just not to be running anymore. 

Leg 8 (0.7 mile run):
This was just sadistic.  Managed to walk, run, limp, skip, whatever to the top where a group of 7 year girls and a guy screamed my name for the last 10 yards into the finish. 

Completion time: 5:38:14, 61st overall (62 bike, 42 run 1, 79 swim 1, 56 in run 2 -- included transition, 77 in swim 2 -- included transition, 55 run 3, 104 swim 3  -- included transition, 14 in run 4) 
18.5 biking, 8:32 / mile running, 1:58 / 100m swimming (once I pulled out any transition time)

In summary, the race went well.  Not quite as expected but well.  Got through the bike a little faster then expected.  Got through the swims much faster then expected.  Got through the 1st 2 runs as expected but then fell off pace some of the final long run.  I've never attempted to run further then 16 miles in a day before so 18.7 was a little bit of a stretch (specially when you include all the elevation changes).

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