Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wheeler Canyon Race Report / Back from Moab

Completed the Wheeler Canyon Trail run in 1:48:52.  So I get there and the 1st thing they tell you at check in is that it is really 12.5 miles instead of 21k (13.1).  My Garmin watch (405) had it at 11.7.  Got love XTERRA.  Anyways, the run went as well as could have been suspected.
- 1st 2 miles nice and flat on road, averaged about 7:15 pace.
- Next 5 miles sustained climb at around 5% grade.  Tough to hold any speed.  Did fairly well for the 1st 4, but took a few short breaks to lower my HR during the 5th mile.
- Mile 8 dropped about 500 ft and provided a nice break and fast downhill
- Miles 9 - 11.7 were another sustained climb with some walking breaks
- Finished strong in the last half mile. 
All in all was fun and good run, but have some work cut out for me if I want to become a solid trail runner (7/23 AG, 48 / 183 overall).  Running above 5kft without acclimating did make it a little tougher. 

Amy and I headed down to Moab the day after Wheeler Canyon and got in roughly 30 miles of hiking, a 15 mile Mountain bike ride on Slick Rock (Klondike Bluffs Trail), and did a Canyoneering trip that included two repels of 50 and 100 feet respectively.   Pretty good time and took lots of pictures: http://scotd.shutterfly.com/1203

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