Saturday, November 27, 2010

Out West

I am back from my short trip to San Francisco.  Managed to get in 2 runs, 1 of them a trail race in Golden Gate park. 

The 1st run was along the coast south of the San Francisco in Daly city.  Below is the elevation plot which rivals some of the hilliest running I have ever done.

The 2nd run (which Amy ran also) was the Turkey Trail Trot in Golden Gate Park (5 mile).  This was a pretty interesting race as it was a combination of dirt trails, paved paths, and grass sections (which happened to be frosted during the race). Lots of rolling hills and quick turns.  The race went pretty well and I finished it in 31:34 and came in 24th of 824 and 9th of 111 in my age group (30-39).  My GPS had it as 4.87 instead of 5, but it tends to be conservative with tree cover.

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