Monday, November 1, 2010

Running Barefoot / BU NEM SCM Championships

It seems that everyone time I try to start a lifting program for my legs, I manage to injure something.  Last time it was one legged squats hurt my right knee.  This time leg press seems to have tweaked the arch of my both feet (specially the right one). 

Anyways, after talking about it for a long time I finally did my 1st barefoot run yesterday.  I actually ran 3 miles in my racing flats and with my arches still feeling good, I ran the last 1/2 mile totally barefoot in the park near my house.  Strangely enough it really did feel liberating to run without shoes on. The only reason I stopped after a half mile was that I had reached my desired mileage for the week (22) and didn't want to over due it on the 1st barefoot run. 

Finally got around to signing up for the New England Masters Short Course Meters Championship meet at Boston University (now you see why I abbreviated everything above).  Maxed out my schedule this time and will probably hit the water somewhere around 15 times (11 events + relays) over the 3 days.

Event #2 Men 800 Freestyle  -  Seed Time: 15:00.00     
Event #8 Men 200 Breaststroke  -  Seed Time: 03:31.22         
Event #10 Men 100 Individual Medley  -  Seed Time: 01:33.89        
Event #18 Men 200 Freestyle  -  Seed Time: 03:08.31         
Event #20 Men 50 Breaststroke  -  Seed Time: :41.92      
Event #24 Men 50 Freestyle  -  Seed Time: :32.00        
Event #32 Men 400 Freestyle  -  Seed Time: 07:05.00         
Event #38 Men 50 Butterfly  -  Seed Time: :42.00        
Event #46 Men 50 Backstroke  -  Seed Time: :50.77      
Event #48 Men 100 Breaststroke  -  Seed Time: 01:39.26  
Event #50 Men 100 Freestyle  -  Seed Time: 01:24.06    

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