Friday, November 5, 2010

Upping the Distance / More on the barefoot running

I ran 14 miles today.  This number isn't overly significant considering some of the races I have done (couple of half irons which end with 13.1 mile runs and SOS which has a cumulative 18.7 miles over the day), but it is the longest continuous run I have done to date.  More over, I ran 24 miles over the last 4 days and 36 over the last 8 which makes my legs / body quite tired.  Anyways, glad to have hit a new peak, and time for an easy couple of days to recover.  Oh yeah, forgot to mention I swam 9K over that same 8 days with 2.8K this morning.

After struggling with arch pain over the past few weeks, I am happy to say I made it through this whole week with no arch pain :).  Ran all 24 miles in the racing flats, Adizero (Adidas minimalist flats).  Got in 1 mile totally barefoot in the grass on Wednesday and aiming to get 1-2 miles a week in barefoot to help improve my foot / ankle muscles as well as my running form. 

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