Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Sports in Full Swing

The winter sport season is now in full swing.  Ran in the snow Monday, cross country skied and biked Tuesday (1st time skate skiing), hiked and snow shoe'd Wednesday, and cross country skied and ran in the snow today.  Feeling a little sore now. 

Run: 7.45 (5.45 in the snow)
CC Ski: 12.21
Hike / Snowshoe: 4.08
Bike: 3.09

Signed Amy and myself up for the Gunstock Winter Triathlon today.  I'm racing in the Weston Winter Duathlon a week from Sunday and then time to fold it all together.  Just need to get in some downhill skiing and I'll have hit all my winter sports. 

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Miss Caddy said...

Only "a little" sore?