Sunday, January 9, 2011

1st Race of 2011 in the Books / Training Update

The Weston Winter Duathlon (Run, CC Ski, Run)

Completed my 1st race of 2011 today.  The race went fairly well considering I have only been skate skiing for 2 weeks.  The race was supposed to be 4K (2.48 mi), 6K (3.72 mi), 4K (2.48 mi) but you get what you get with a course that is designed to the best snow coverage (GPS had it at 2.6, 3.15, 2.6).

1st Run: Started off really fast with a 6:53 mile (partially run on snow, which is more like a 6:10 mile) and held a solid pace finishing the leg in 18:17 (7:01 pace).

CC Ski: Worked it the best I could.  Took way to much time transitioning (4:15 -- had trouble getting the pole straps on).  1st race ever on skate skies.  Avg 7:22 which is much better then I had hoped for (best mile when just skiing around was 8:06 before).  The course was interesting, 3 laps of 3 out and backs each with a mini climb within it.

2nd Run (19:07 -- 7:21 / mile): Was definitely feeling it from 1st run and the ski.  Took the 1st half mile (the snowy portion) to catch my breath and get into a groove, then knocked off 5 people who all past me on the ski (including a 14 yr old).

Total: 8.39 Miles, 1:05:57 (GPS) (13 min faster then 2010)

All and all great race to start off the new year.  Special thanks to Amy, my photographer for the day. 

Training Update

Week 1 of my new 50K training plan is complete.  22 miles down, 402 until I finish the plan (and 13 more weeks).  Got a 12 miler in Wednesday, a couple of short runs, 2 easy days CC Skiing and my 1st race.  Upping my long run to 13 this week along with total of 24 miles.

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