Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Miles on the Week, 104 on the Month

30 miles running on the week and 104 miles on the month; both of which are career highs. I finished my 1st training block of the 50K trail running schedule today.  Four solid weeks of increasing my mileage, which culminated with a slushy 14-miler on Friday and an 8 mile run with 4 miles at half marathon pace today.  All and all I am feeling pretty good and looking forward to a down week before I attempt my 1st 16-miler in two weeks.

Other notes over the Month:
- Cross Country Skied 52 miles (almost entirely skate style after only starting skate skiing the last week in Dec)
- Raced twice, completing a winter duathlon (run, cc ski, run) and my 1st ever winter triathlon (run, mnt bike, cc ski)
- Ran in temperatures ranging from 9 deg F (Gilford, NH) to 76 deg F (San Diego, CA); on back-to-back days
- Oh yeah, and Boston received ~60'' of snow over this period

T-10 weeks until 50K race day.

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