Saturday, February 12, 2011

16 Miles: In the Bank

Completed my 1st 16 mile continuous run today.  It is all unknown territory for here on out.  Ran from my house through Watertown and jumped onto the carriage road at the Walnut st intersection.  Followed the Boston Marathon route in reverse to the top of Grossman's hill in Wellesley before turning and retracing my steps.  Felt great for the 1st 10 and fought some slowly increasing muscle soreness for the last 6.  All and all pretty good run.

Along with this run, I completed 32 miles on the week, upping my max week distance from 30 from 2 weeks earlier.  2 weeks and 2 more hard runs (1 tempo and 1 long run) until the Hyannis Half.

GPS Track

Also added a new picture (bottom left) to the blog today showing the number of states that I have raced in.  I am up to 9 so far which leaves me just 41 to go :). Looking to add 3-4 more this year.  How does FL, ME, WA, and HI sound? :)

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