Monday, February 28, 2011

Hyannis Half Down, Croms Fools to Go

Completed the Hyannis Half Marathon with a crazy 3 min 40 second PR yesterday (in the snow and rain).  Was aiming for a sub 1:30 performance, but was able to muscle out more then I was hoping for.  Felt great almost the entire race and actually felt better at mile 5 then when I started.  Glad to have that on the books before I move on to some longer distance racing.  GPS Data

Stayed down at the cape for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday night) with our friends Matt and Rike and a couple of others from Minuteman (our Masters Swim team).  We got to race in our new Minuteman Multisport (which doesn't really exist as an organization -- just a secret arm of our swim team) long sleeve red dry fit shirts.  Had a blast the whole time and glad to be able to feed off the energy to be able to put in such a performance. 

Sunday's race completes another month of training.  I was able to up my total to 111 miles (from 104 last month) and put in another 50 miles of cross country skiing.  March is going to be the make or break month for my 50K training as I have to 19, 21, and 24 mile training runs over the next couple of weekends. 

I was joking around yesterday telling my friends the way I push through when the race gets tough is laughing about how I am going blog about it after. 

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