Saturday, March 19, 2011

22 down, 3 weeks to go

Ran into a few Achilles problems (swollen and discolored right ankle) after my 19 miler 2 weeks ago and had to take a light week last week, which worked out pretty well since Amy and I were doing a charity skiing event up at Sunapee anyways.

The ski event was for NEHSA (New England Handicapped Skiing Association) and was a lot fun.  For a minimum of $75 donation you got a lift ticket, BBQ lunch, snacks, and entrance in the Giant Slalom Ski race.  The race was fun and I kicked Amy and Bryan's butts (Bryan was on a snowboard which means he should probably get a handicap). 

On Sunday we volunteered An Ras Moore and were quite surprised by the number of people who stopped for water during a 5K where it was 45 degrees out. 

Anyways, after a light week (and some icing) the inflammation on my ankle went down and I got back into my real training.  Knocked out 21 miles between Monday and Friday this past week including 4 miles at 6:30 pace with the SRR crowd from Casey's on Thursday night (St. Patrick's Day).

Finished the week off with my 1st 22 mile run today.  Ran from my house through Waltham Center over the Commonwealth and then followed the Boston Marathon Route to Brookline ave before looping down by the Charles to finish off the mileage ending at the Harvard Blodgett pool.  After some refueling from Dunkin Donuts, went and watched my swim team kick some butt at the NE Short Course Yards Championship.

Glad to have the long run down, 3 weeks until my 50K.  Last week of full mileage before I enter my taper.

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