Sunday, March 6, 2011

251 Miles Down, 184 Miles and 5 Weeks to Go

I completed my longest run ever yesterday, 19 miles, and ended the week with 36.  This gets me to 251 for the year so far and leaves 184 more in my schedule before I finish my 50K race.

I feel like I am in the money round now and am hoping my body can keep up with the pounding.  My right lower calf is a little swollen after yesterday's beating so I have been icing it today.  It is also time to start increasing the cycling mileage as the B2B is only 15 weeks away.  2 more weeks of mileage increases and then I start lowering the volume as I approach the race.

This Week: 40 miles over 4 runs with the longest at 16 (split between a 6 and a 10 on the same day), 22 miles of cycling.

Next Week: 41 miles over 5 runs with the longest run 22, 25 miles of cycling

Wish me luck.

Saturday's 19 Miler

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