Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another 16 in the bank, 20 Gummy Bears in the Stomach, 2 weeks to go

Got another 16 miles in today with the 1st half off road through some quite hilly terrain (Belmont Conservation land).  30 degrees and windy makes for a tough workout.  Finished the run at Starbucks in Belmont center and refueled with organic vanilla milk, a breakfast sandwich, and a large coffee.

After last weeks 22, I struggled with a shin splint (left shin) which caused my mileage to drop some this week.  Felt better with today's run but still had some discomfort earlier in the week.  Just wanted to note that not following the recommended training procedure (longest run should not exceed 40% of weeks mileage -- I have been closer to 60% lately), makes recovering from these longer runs a little bit harder (Had some Achilles swelling and soreness after my 19 miler 2 weeks previously). 

Anyways, on a more positive note, Amy, Jen, and I attended the New Balance Minimus launch event at the Wellesley Marathon Sports last Wednesday and and tried out their new minimalist trail shoes.  We did a 2 mile run with the store manager and one of the New Balance reps and then followed it up with Pizza and Amy's favorite, Smuttnose Old Brown Dog.  Then to end the evening perfectly, I won the raffle and got a free pair of shoes.  Not too bad.  These are true minimalist shoes (closer to Vibram five fingers then my Adizero's -- the sole is actually made by Vibram) and will take some time to get used to.  Ran 5 miles in them last Thursday which left the calves / ankles a little sore.  Then if it couldn't get any better, Amy got an email from Marathon Sports the next day letting her know she won the seasonal promotion -- 2 free plane tickets to anywhere in the continental US.

2 weeks until the 50K run.  Getting off-road as much as possible now, especially as the volume to continues to drop.  The hotel and rental car have been booked.

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