Sunday, April 24, 2011

1st 100+ Mile Bike Week of the Year

Knocked out 114 miles of cycling over the last week to finish off my 1st 100+ mile week of cycling of the year. Going to be doing a lot of cycling from now to mid June as Amy and I prep for the Harpoon Brewery to Brewery ride.
- Got in 63 on Monday as I biked all over the Boston Marathon Course
- 8.5 Thursday morning on the way to work
- 14.5 Yesterday on the trainer as it was pouring outside
- 29 today cycling back and forth to my parents house for Easter dinner

Next weekend, Amy and I head out to Martha's Vineyard for a 60 mile MS Charity Ride.

On another note, I finished my latest artwork: The Croom Fool's Run Photo.  I like to make a collage like photo of pictures after big events that I or Amy and I do.  So here is the latest.  Below are a few others that I have created.


I then head over to CVS, print them out, and either send them to my parents, my great aunt, or sneak them directly onto people's refrigerators.

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