Monday, May 16, 2011

Multisport Season is in Full Swing

Yesterday I completed a 104 mile bike ride (CRW Spring Century) with Amy and Matt and over the past few weeks I have started swimming again, played in a number of soccer games, and been coaching soccer / practicing with my team in addition to my running and cycling.  In other words I have been spending a lot of time outdoors or in the pool (13-14 hours a week for the last few). 

Anyways, yesterday's century ride went pretty well.  It started off looking pretty dreary out as it was pouring rain when we got out of bed and the drive to Wakefield High School wasn't much better.  It cleared up a little and the roads started to dry pretty quickly.  The ride was a little on the cooler side (~55 degrees) when we started and it never really got much warmer. 

Amy, Matt, and I plugged along a nice pace aiming not to push it to much as this primarily was a training ride for us as our big cycling event is the Harpoon Brewery to Brewery ride next month. The ride was well supported with rest stops every 25 miles fully stocked with food, water, and sports drink and with cool temperatures and a cloudy sky, you just don't go through that much liquid. 

Everything went pretty smoothly until around mile 74 and then the sky's just opened up.  We made a quick pit stop at the 78 mile food / water stop and continued on, but those next 26 miles just felt like they would never end.  We finally got back to the high school soaking wet and shivering and quickly changed before heading out to Joe's American Grill in Woburn for quick bite / beer.

Special congratulations to Amy, for completing her second and fastest century ride, and Matt for knocking out a 180 miles of cycling last week as we all prep for the brewery ride. 

With yesterday's ride, my cycling mileage for the year has finally surpassed my running mileage (553 cycling to 505 running) and with all the expected cycling over the next month I don't see my running catching back up again this year. 

Next up, Reach the Beach this Friday / Saturday, just a mere 5 days after a century ride :)

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