Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brewery to Brewery is in the Bank

I completed my second Harpoon Brewery to Brewery ride yesterday and Amy completed her first.  A special congratulations goes out to Amy for knocking out 148 miles on one tough course (her longest ride by 44 miles and hardest century ever).

We got to the brewery around 4:50am and after unloading, parking, bathroom, and a quick breakfast Amy headed out on the bike.  The goal was for Amy to get out around 5:15am (16 mph group) and for me to leave at 6am (17 mph group).  Due to the crowds and only letting about 20 people start every 5 minutes we got delayed to 5:40 and 6:40 respectively.

The start was a lot of fun as people were already setting up for the Bruins parade and were cheering us on.  The first 50 miles were fairly uneventful as we settled into a paceline averaging 18.8 mph by the first rest stop.  The next 10 miles were a long slow climb and my average speed dropped down to 17.9 before we hit a nice flat section leading into the 2nd pseudo rest stop at Mr. Mikes (unsupported / porta pottie stop) at mile 72.  This is were I caught up to Amy and she was in good spirits thus far.  She headed out before me and I caught back up to her at mile 95 (3/4 of the way through the Leviathan, a 4 mile 1200 ft climb).  We arrived at the mile 100 stop pretty close together and took a nice break before tackling the final 48 miles. 

Amy and I biked the next 6 miles together and then as the group I was cycling with earlier passed I jumped on the back of their paceline.  Unfortunately one of their bikes broke and we ended up splitting up about 5 miles later.  I wasn't feeling that great over the next 18 miles but pushed through and got to the mile 127 rest stop.  After about a 15 minute break I headed out by myself and muscled through the final 21 miles to the brewery.  About 40 minutes later Amy arrived not before hail came crashing down (she has the welts to prove it). After showers we grabbed food and beer and then took the bus back to Boston.  All and all hard and long, but good day. 

As I write this I am quietly laughing to myself as I think about how quick the pain from a long distance event fades.  I still have a vivid memory of how bad I felt during the last few miles of the ride, but thinking back on the accomplishment I already feel like I am ready to take on more.  Kind of funny how that works out.

Next Up: Appleman Sprint on July 17th


RichB said...

I definitely love how the body forgets pain. I guess for some more so than others as your goals keep growing! So when are you going to XC Ski the Arctic Circle and Antarctica in the same year?

LJ said...

I'm with you and Rich on the pain. I took a hike last weekend, it was uphill, climbing stone stairs for around an hour. During it I wanted nothing more than to be lying on the beach with my friends. Afterwards though, I just felt so accomplished. It's a great feeling.