Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Racing

After putting off signing up for some additional races for as long as possible, I got around to it and signed up for a few more.

7/17 - Appleman Sprint Triathlon
7/30 - Sebago Challenge - 5K Swim
8/14 - The Sharon Tri (Relay with Amy)

Appleman will be my 1st regular triathlon since Timberman Sprint last August (That 8-leg thing in the Shawangunks or the winter tri at Gunstock don't count as "regular").  It will be fun to get back into a fast paced event. After a long Spring of high mileage training it should be interesting to see how my body adapts to shorter intense workouts both running and cycling.  

After getting in two crazy distance events (Croom's 50K Trail Run and the B2B), why not go for the tri-fector.  So I added a 5K swim up in Sebago lake in Maine (also will give me Maine as a state to cross off as I have yet to do an event there).   Of course my more intense swimming friends who do 5K in a typical practice don't think it sounds too bad.  None the less I have begun ramping up the volume. 

After Sebago, Amy and I signed up for a relay in a sprint triathlon down in Sharon.  Neither of us have done a relay before so it should be a good time.  I am going to do the swim and run legs and Amy is going to do the bike leg. One of our friends is even having a BBQ afterwards. 

Following all of these races, we are heading out to Seattle for a friends wedding and maybe we'll be able to get a couple of short road races in to knock off Washington and Oregon while we are there.  In endurance athlete terminology, the word vacation is replaced with racecation.    

If I can get my running volume back up to something on the higher side in the early fall I'll see if I can throw down another 50K trail run, if not maybe another half marathon.  Only time will tell. 

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