Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scot vs. October Mountain

Amy and I went to Lee, MA over the weekend for a combination of camping, Tanglewood (concert), and some outdoor adventures.  We arrived in Lee around 6:00 on Friday evening and hit up the grocery store for some food (pork chops, asparagus, potatoes, and onions) followed by setting up our tents and cooking over an open fire.

Saturday morning I decided it was time for a Mountain run and after talking with the Department of Conservation rangers for a few mapped out a course.  I few minutes later I headed off down the access road to the mountain complete with my camel pack, GPS watch, and a protein bar.

The 1st few miles went pretty smoothly with some rolling hills and after a failed attempt to find the Gorge trail I decided to take the Switch Back trail.  After a couple of quick turns the real climb began and I ascended over 800 feet during the next mile (which included a few short walks to let my heart rate drop).  It had rained some of the night before and the trail was quite technical between the rocks and running water.  Over the next few miles I descended about 300-400 feet and then quickly re-climbed it.  I was getting pretty burnt out at this point and took a quick break by Felton lake.  Next I took the access road for about a mile and then descended via Navin trail and popped out at the Water Tower.  From there it was about a 500 ft drop over half a mile to the main road (that would be one hell of a hill climb on a bike going the other direction) and another mile back to the campground.  All in all pretty tough run / climb but felt I got through it pretty well.

9.5 Miles, 1459 ft climbing, 1100 calories, 1:33:49, 9:52 / mile
GPS Data
Following the run we hung out at Laurel lake for a few hours before re-grouping and heading to Tanglewood for a picnic and some classical music. 
All and all good weekend.


RichB said...

Sounds like a great run. What part of the run was the first picture taken?

Scot said...

Just below Felton Lake. The climb was tough and a couple of the rocky areas were hard to descend through, but otherwise not to bad.