Monday, August 15, 2011

Sharon's Tri

Amy and I took 1st place in the mixed relay at Sharon's triathlon yesterday.  This was the 1st time we have done a relay and the 1st time either of us had taken 1st at any type of endurance race.  I swam the 1/2 mile, Amy biked 12 miles, and I finished us off with a 4.4 mile run.  There were 13 of us there from our swim / multisport club and the whole thing was a blast. 

The alarm went off at 5:38AM and Amy and I were out of the house by 5:50. Packing the night before and getting out in the morning was much easier as we only needed half our equipment for the relay.  It rained on the way down so we knew it was going to be a wet race.  We arrived around 6:30, checked-in, and then found some friends and relaxed for a few before setting up our transition area. 

The swim was wetsuit legal as the water was 77 (USAT rule is below 78).  I was in the 4th wave, the pink caps, which was primarily women (Athena, Female Relay, Mixed Relay, Females 40+).  As we were called to the beach the announcer actually said, "Ladies please enter the beach." I counted 3 men in all and when my friends asked how I was going to attack the swim, I replied with "I don't know, I have never been in an all female wave before?"  All and all the swim went pretty well, but must have a been a little on the long side as all our times seemed a little slow. 

As I stood up at the end of the swim, Libby, one of my swimming / triathlon friends, stood up right next too me and we laughed that we had the same swim split as we ran into transition together (we were both doing relays, but weren't officially competing with each other as she was in an all-female relay).  I swapped the timing chip to Amy's ankle and she was off. 

I relaxed a little and cheered on some friends over the next 40 minutes before Amy got back.  At one point the woman next to us tried to run out of transition with her bike helmet on before realizing it and just tossing it. 

As I headed out on the run, my goal was to try and hold in the 6:20 range, but having put in 32 miles of running over the week, I knew the second half might be a little bit of a bear.  I knocked the 1st mile out at 6:13 and the 2nd at 6:16 and then slowed down to the 6:30s for the 3rd.  As completed the 3rd mile I caught up to Abbey, the run leg of the womens relay, and talked with her for a few seconds before pushing on.  As I completed the 4th mile, and the finish was starting to become visible, I pushed hard passing a few more on the way in. 

Total Time: 1:27:29 (Run split - 27:51 - 6:20 / mile)
Multisport Maniacs (our relay team name) 1 - 0 after 1st relay attempt.

All and all a good day.  Also from our team Ed took 2nd in his AG, Ian took 3rd in the Clydesdales, Libby, Michelle, and Abbey took 1st in the female relay, Christine completed her 1st triathlon, and Julie, Shannon, Sue Ann, John, and Kate also had solid races.   We all headed down the street to Kate's house for a nice BBQ afterward (Thanks Kate).  

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