Sunday, September 11, 2011

T-2 Weeks to VT 50

2 weeks until I take on my next 50K, the Vermont 50. This time it will be a much bigger challenge as the race will be quite hilly (5600' of climbing -- opposed to 1600' in my last 50K).  The race takes place at Ascutney Mountain Resort entirely on trails and is run in conjunction with a 50 mile mountain bike ride and a 50 mile run.  I decided to go with the 50K option as I am not quite ready for 50 mile run, let alone 8900' of climbing. 

My training for the race has been quite interesting.  I tasked myself with upping my mileage with a focus on climbing, both on and off the road.  Below are a couple of the key workouts I completed.

- 9.5 Miles Run at October Mountain, 1500' climbing
- 6 Miles at Blue Hills, 1100' of climbing
- 12 Miles at Wachusett Mountain, 1600' of climbing
- 12.8 Miles at Evergreen Trail Race
- 21.6 Miles of Hiking over 3 days at Mount Rainier, 7000' + of climbing
- 19 Miles in the Belmont Conservation Land, 2100' of climbing

The training consisted of a mix of longer runs with some technical and not so technical climbing.  The Evergreen trail race and 3 days of hiking at Mount Rainier were part of our vacation out west.  I quickly learned how hard it is to run up the side of a mountain and how much more efficient walking can be at times. 

I broke in a new pair of running shoes during yesterday's 19 miler, the Adidas Adizero Adios.  They are so bright that I am pretty sure you can see me from outer space. 

With 2 weeks to go, it is time to start my ramp down into the event.  I didn't get quite the volume in I was hoping for (was aiming for a 50 mile week with a long run of 24 miles -- longest run of 20 miles as part of a 40 mile week), but that is just how it worked out.  None the less I am ready for the race, but I know it will be a battle from the start and will be a test of my will. 

Vermonters in Need

Vermont was hit very hard by Hurricane Irene and many families in the Upper Valley are in need of help.  The Vermont 50 is working in conjunction with the Upper Valley food shelter and all donations are greatly appreciated:

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