Thursday, October 20, 2011

1000 Miles

During today's run I broke a 1000 miles for the year.  This is the 1st time I ever put in this much mileage in a year and I am now 225 miles ahead of where I finished last year.  I have knocked out 9 events this year that including running with 2 of them over 30 miles.  I have three more road races to go before the end of the year and am greatly looking forward to what adventures next year brings. 

With my new job in the city now (Kendal Square), commuting has been a little painful.  I basically have 3 options: Bus / T, Bicycle, or Drive.   Driving is prohibitively expensive ($250 / Month for parking alone) and I found a 3rd option to exist: Scooter.  Currently you can just park a Scooter or Motorcycle off in the corner of some sidewalk and no one seems to complain.  So after some internal debating for a couple of weeks I went out and purchased one: The Roughhouse R50 by Genuine. At 100 MPG and free city parking it has been great so far.  Traffic going to / from the city kind of sucks, but a definite upgrade from the Bus / T.   

After completing my last big race of the year in September, I have been taking it a little easier lately.  Been trying to get to the pool more and getting in some hiking.  Last weekend Amy and I hiked Mount Kearsarge in NH with some friends.  Nothing like a nice 9 mike hike with 2100' of climbing.  It was a little wet at times, but all and all a good hike. 

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