Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Show Must Go on

Amy and I took on the Devil's Chase 6.66 mile race in Salem today.  I have been fighting a chest cold for the last 4 days so I wasn't quite at my best, but I gave it what I had.  

The race had an early start of 8AM to try and get the racers in and out before it got to congested.  As you can imagine, it is quite busy this time of year being the home of the original witch trials back in 1692.

We arrived just after 7AM and it was a little chilly out.  Amy and I dressed up as Jack O' Lanterns with some costumes that we got from her parents.  The main theme was to dress up in a devil related items, which included all sorts of things in addition to devil costumes like deviled eggs, devil's food, and the Tasmanian Devil. 

As the race got underway I settled in to a fairly comfortable pace and decided to just kind of go with the flow and see where it takes me.  Shortly after the 1st mile marker we went through the common in the center of Salem where they were setting up for the town's festival.  From there we zigged and zagged throughout the town with a few nice stretches along the water.  I ended up running a good chunk of the race with a guy who was wearing a red speedo with the rest of his body painted red.  He got all sorts of attention from the people we ran by which made the race go by easier.

With about a 1/4 mile to go I put the hammer down and passed a few more people for good measure and finished 29 overall (of 1254 and 13 / 186 age group).  Not too bad considering I am still coughing my brains out. GPS Data

Amy finished the race in 1:10:55 averaging 15 seconds / mile faster then her 5K from last December.

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