Sunday, November 27, 2011

Project 306 / Gobble X 3

Project 306
Tomorrow I will embark on my next endurance journey, code name Project 306.  I am planning to run my 1st marathon in Hyannis this February and the goal is to run a Boston qualifying time, which for my age group is 3:05:59 (7:05 / mile). 

Now it is not entirely true that I haven't run a marathon as I have hit the distance en route twice during trail runs, but I haven't run a marathon in the traditional sense.  I have always run well in Hyannis, setting personal records in the half marathon twice and in the 10K once while racing there.  The marathon course is two loop course with temperatures generally around 40 degrees. 

Below is a copy of the planned schedule complete with 490 miles of training, 18 core workouts, 25 cross training workouts, 11 rest days, and 6 runs over twenty miles with a max week of 50 miles.  Only time will tell if I can keep up. 

Gobble X 3
Last Thursday we ran the Gobble Gobble Gobble 4-miler in Davis Square.  Amy and I have now been racing on Thanksgiving for 5 years straight (4 Gobbles in Somerville and 1 Turkey Trail trot in Golden Gate Park in SF), a tradition I hope to continue no matter where we spend Thanksgiving. 

The race went pretty well.  1st off I forgot to use my inhaler before leaving the house, so I had a little bit of an issue breathing, but nothing I couldn't push through.  I ran the 1st mile way too fast and forcing me to take the next 2 a little easier.  Luckily the 4th mile is mostly down hill so I was able to make some time back up before finishing.  All and all pretty decent race.

24:53 - 6:13 / Mile - 58 of 2341 OA - 19 of 408 AG - PR by 6 seconds - GPS Data
(Amy PR'd by 6 minutes)

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