Sunday, December 4, 2011

1 Week down, 12 to go

1st week of marathon training is in the books; Managed to knock out 32.3 miles over the course of 4 runs.  I also managed to get in 2 core workouts and 2 swim workouts for a total of 4100 meters.  My feet are a little sore from yesterday's 16 miles, but otherwise feeling pretty solid energy wise.

The long run this week went really well.  Keith and I ran from my house all the way to the Museum of Science and back.  The run was originally scheduled as a 15 miler, but indecision of which bridge to cross the river on lengthened it some.  Running along the Charles is quite nice and as flat as a course can get. 

Next week is going to be an interesting week as Amy and I are traveling to Manhattan for my office's holiday party on Friday / Saturday.  Aiming to get in a few mile repeats around 6:30 pace on Tuesday, 12 miles on Thursday, and follow it up with 6 on Friday.  Sunday I'll throw in a couple of 100m swim races (100 free and 100 breast and whatever relays happen) at the New England Masters Short Course Meters championship for good measure.

The week after next will be equally as busy with a holiday party at my sisters, Chanukah celebration with Amy's family, and the Jingle Bell 5K on Sunday.  The goal is to get an 18 mile run in there somewhere also. 

Keith and I officially signed up for the Hyannis Marathon yesterday.  Now the biggest trick will be to get in the volume without getting injured and deal with whatever curve balls mother nature decides to throw at us. 

Week 1:
Mid Distance

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