Monday, February 6, 2012

A Strong Start to 2012

It has been a little while since my last post.  I have been quite busy between training and life in general over the past month.  First off, I managed to get 150 miles in during the month of January, a little lower than December of 2011. I had some pretty solid runs none the less: two 15 milers (1 at tempo pace), a 22 miler, a PR at the SRR Thursday night 4 miler, and a peak week of 44 miles.

In conjunction with my training Amy and I bought a new house and had a crazy closing that was delayed a week.  If that wasn't enough I switched jobs a week following the closing.

Cross training and core work over the past month have taken a pretty big hit due to lack of time and have primarily consisted of moving / working on the condo.  Between moving boxes and furniture, fully filling a 15 cubic ft dumpster (with trash left by the previous owners), and touching up the paint at the condo, I still got a fair amount of exercise in. 

The past week consisted of my max volume week for Hyannis training.  I got 26 miles in between Monday and Thursday and then put down another 24 on Saturday.   To switch it up and make it more interesting, I had Amy drop me off in Hopkinton on Saturday morning. I started my run at the beginning of the Boston Marathon route and ran all the way home.  All and all good run and my body seems to be recovering well.

Amy and I are also happy to announce that we are expecting a baby boy in early July.   I am going to pretty much play it by ear with my racing this year as my priorities will be changing, so who knows what is in store.  Time to do some research into jogging strollers and baby bike seats. 

Less than 3 Weeks until the Hyannis Marathon

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