Monday, March 12, 2012

Recovered and Ready for More

It has been two weeks since I ran a marathon and am happy to say that I feel fully recovered.  Still a little annoyed at how my body broke down in the file quarter of the race, but glad to have attempted an aggressive goal.  I got in a couple of swims, bikes, runs, and even a core workout since the race and am feeling pretty good. 

I spent the weekend following the race in San Francisco and Napa on a boat trip with some of my college buddies.  I managed to get in two runs (a 6 miler followed by a 5 miler) in between wine tastings, but flying red eye home forced me to take a couple of recovery days before picking back up.

This past weekend I knocked out 12.5 miles (10 of which) on the trails behind McLean hospital and Rock Meadow (Belmont Conservation land).  On Sunday Amy and did some running and walking up at the Autobahn society and then I got a short ride in also.

So what is next?  First off is the Velox Rota indoor time trial at Fast Splits a week from Sunday.  If you bike, regardless of what shape you are in, I highly suggest you join us.  Will be a good time, plenty of spots still open. 

I am also aiming to throw down a 5K PR in the next few months.  I am currently looking at the Groton Road race at the end of April as one option.  The hills might kill my time, but that won't stop me from going after it :).

Farther out I plan on doing some more trail racing.  The Pineland Farms trail running festival in memorial day weekend up in New Gloucester, ME.  Aiming to do races both Saturday and Sunday that weekend, but will have to see if Amy is up for the traveling.

Regardless, enjoying the nice weather and hope it is here to stay :).

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