Monday, April 9, 2012

1 Year

One year ago today I ran my 1st ultra marathon -- Croom's 50K in Brooksville, FL.  I know a 50K barely qualifies as an ultra marathon when you compare it to 50 mile and 100 mile ultras, but going out and running for 4+ hours, deserves some amount of credit.  It is interesting to take a look back to see what has happened / changed since I toed the start line that morning.

Over the last 12 months, I ran 1296 miles with 55K FT of climbing and burned 152K calories.  I went on to run a second 50K (which turned into a 51.5K due to hurricane Irene), biked from Harpoon Boston to Harpoon Windsor, VT (with Amy), and participated in a trail run just south of Seattle, WA (where I got lost and added a few additional miles).  This year I ran my first marathon (I know my pursuits are backwards), which has only shown me once again how much more I love the trails.

The last year has not been without stress also.  Amy and I have both switched jobs (me twice), bought a new house, rented out the condo, and are awaiting the arrival of our first child (who we fully expect to go on to become the greatest athlete of all time).  

This past weekend, I went on an 18 mile run and enjoyed some of the conservation land that stretches between Belmont and Waltham.  I was amazed at how decent I felt throughout the run and was glad to be able to see the progress of the last year. I started thinking of what really got me into trail running and decided it was a combination of the race Survival of the Shawangunks and the book "Born to Run."

Trail running and ultra running have been on the front of my mine (even more then usual) over the past week. I found out first of the disappearance then the passing of Micah True aka Caballo Blanco.  Micah was an ultra runner who bounced around from Boulder, Colorado to parts of Arizona and then down to the Copper Canyons of Mexico.  With the fame he gained from the Christopher McDougal's "Born to to Run" he did his best to give back to the community and especially the Taharamura Indian's who he spent a lot of time with.  He was an inspiration and will be missed.

As I look forward to more training and racing this year, I plan on bouncing back and forth from distance trails runs to short and fast road racing.  Next up is the Groton 5K, followed by the Pineland Farm's trail running festival (where I will probably run a 25K). 

Long live the white horse. For more on Micah True and his work visit:

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