Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hello from Neil

I decided to enter the world a week early.  In order to maintain my core workouts using mom's bladder as a Pilates ball, I had to stay head up. The doctors decided the best bet for my entrance was a c-section.  After a few days in the hospital we came home where I met our cat, Chilly Willy, who currently out weighs me by 5 pounds. 

On my 2nd night at home, I showed mom and dad how much endurance I have already by seeing if I could keep them from sleeping more then 20 minutes at a time.  Since then, I have backed off a little and let them sleep for 3 hour chunks. 

Today, I joined dad down at the track during his workout.  His goal was to run 10 X 400 below 80 seconds each, but I told him he cut it short (after the 5th one) as the humidity was near 100%.  He pushed it a little on the last one hitting 76 seconds; impressive for an old man. 

Tummy time started the other day and I am working hard on strengthening my neck muscles.  As soon as we get the ok, dad and I are going out with the jogging stroller with plans to break all records for the under 1 age category. 

Anyways, glad to be part of this world and looking forward to starting my dominance in endurance sports.

- Neil

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