Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tri Training and Some Vacation

After some thought, I decide to sign up for my 1st and only triathlon of the year: the Hyannis Sprint in early September.  Other then a cold 1/4 ocean swim, the race should be pretty easy with a flat 10 mile bike, and 3.5 mile run.  I put together a short 6 week training schedule and started knocking some workouts out.

After a few weeks of suffering from sleep deprivation, my body seems to have adapted to getting about 25% less sleep.  My running speed is back to normal (even on the hot muggy days) and I feel pretty decent most of the time.

This past weekend, Amy, Neil, and I took off to Bridgton, ME, where my parents, aunt, uncle, and cousins rented places.  We used to vacation there as children and it was nice to share the aspects with the many new family members (6 new children and 2 spouses were present since the last time the group vacationed together there).

I managed to fit in a few workouts around the beach relaxation time and got out my kayak and canoe few times also.

Workouts 1 (Sunday): 7 Mile run
Looking for a good run, my father sent me down Knights Hill Road in attempt to get away from the some of the traffic.  This road was either up or down and anything but flat.  I managed to knock out about 800 ft of climbing over the 7 miles and my pace fluctuated from 6:40 - 8:40.

Workout 2 (Sunday): Kayak / Canoe - 3 Miles
Later on Sunday I took my Kayak out for a quick spin.  I didn't head too far down the lake as it was quite windy and I knew I would have to work to get back.  After I did a loop, I found my Aunt and 2 of my little cousins out canoeing and had to tow them back in the wind.  Later on my father and I went out in the canoe and really had to work to get back as the wind continued to pick up. 

Workout 3 (Monday): 1/2 Mile Swim
On the morning of the 3rd day we headed over to the big side of the lake and swam out to and back from a small island twice.  Amy guided us in the kayak to ensure the power boats and water skiers could see us.  Nice warm and clean water.  

Workout 4 (Monday): Canoe - 2 Miles
Amy and I went out for a relaxing canoe trip and explored some other parts of the lake.  

Workout 5 (Monday): 3.3 Mile Run
Later that day I ran out along the major road (rt 302) across the causeway of the lake and back.  

Workout 6 (Tuesday): 5 Mile Run
Our final morning, my sister and I ran over to Shawnee Peak and continued along Mountain Road for 2.5 miles before heading back.

All and all a pretty good trip with a couple of nice days off from work.

 Baby Neil relaxing with his polarized sun glasses

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