Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another 1000 Miles Down

With the completion of yesterday's 19 miler, I have broken a 1000 cumulative miles of running for the year.  This is the 2nd straight year I have put over 1000 miles in and I am not nearly done yet. I got to 1000 almost an entire month earlier and with quite a bit quicker pace.

The Stats

2011 2012
# of Runs 157 170
Total Time 134:44:33 128:12:28
Total Distance 1005.51 1002.53
Elevation gain (ft)* 48,456 37,163
Avg Pace (per Mile) 8:02 7:40
Calories Burned 117,482 119,279

The Analysis 

1) More shorter runs and more consistent running has lead to increased speed and volume.
2) Less cycling (mainly due to time -- new job, baby, etc.) has lead to increase # of shorter runs
3) Similar racing in both years: Training for 2 Marathon or greater distance events
4) More climbing in 2011 with the ramp up and inclusion of the VT 50 (5800ft in a single race). 
5) As I get older, glad to see I am still speeding up and able to increase my volume (Ran a hilly 5K at near PR (3 seconds slower) in April and a mile at near high school speed in July).

Moving Forward

This week marks an official transition into becoming more of a consistent distance runner.  With a 50K coming up in month and a marathon scheduled for 4 months following, my goal is to start consistently running 40+ miles a week.  Throughout the summer I held ~25 in an effort to maintain fitness and keep the ability to ramp up quickly for a fall race.  To get to where I want to go in running, I need to start hitting 50, 60, and 70 mile weeks.  This all comes from maintaining a strong base and core strength.

Big Brad Ultra

My next big race is the Big Brad Ultra 50K on 10/20.  This race will be similar to the VT 50 with a little less climbing (4600 ft compared with 5800 ft).  The race takes place in Pownal, ME, which is conveniently about a 10 minute drive from where Amy grew up.  Amy's friends, Julie and Dale, will be taking us in again. 

The race is two 15.5 mile laps each beginning with a climb up to the top of Bradbury mountain.  According to the website the course has some tough single track and some steep climbs, so trying to estimate a pace and finish time is probably pretty futile.  My guess is somewhere in the vicinity of 5 hours as the race is 1 mile shorter then VT 50 last year (it was 32 instead of 31 due to re-routes from hurricane Irene) and with 1200 less ft of climbing. But who really knows?  One of the nice things in training for and completing these types of events is the reward is in completing the event and the amount of time it takes is not nearly as relevant. 

But before Big Brad, I still have a few shorter races.  Next Up: Grace Race 5 Miler with Neil next Saturday.  I even purchased him a little dry fit shirt.

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