Monday, September 3, 2012

I can Stand / Fall Racing Schedule

Yup, just as it says in the title, I stood up for the 1st time without the help of an adult yesterday.  I was leaning on the couch pretty heavily, but hey I am only 2 months old.

Dad finally got his weekly mileage back up to 30 miles last week with a long run of 12 miles.  I tagged along for a 2 mile jaunt down memorial drive, but I am really not supposed be bouncing around yet as my neck muscles aren't fully developed. So when we go out we take it real easy. 

Anyways, after scouring the internet for some interesting races, I think I found a good fall racing schedule for dad (and a couple for mom too).  A mixture of some short stuff, some long stuff, and some that I can tag along with in the jogging stroller. 

9/29 Grace Race - 5 miles - I'll  be in the stroller
10/14 Groton Trail Race - 9.5 Miles for Dad, 3.5 for Mom
10/20 Big Brad Ultras - 50K
11/22 Turkey Trail Trot (San Francisco, CA) - 5 Miles for Dad, 3 for Mom
12/16 Jingle Bell Run - 5K (for both)

Next stop, Hyannis Triathlon on Saturday.  Excited to watch dad in a live event and for my first trip to the Cape.

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