Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Lull Before the Storm

This coming Saturday I will be taking on my 3rd 50K trail run, the Bradbury Mountain Ultra in Pownal, ME.  This race will be similar to the Vermont 50 I did last year with its share of technical single track and a good deal of climbing.


To have some fun with the race (and add motivation), I created an account on Charity and you can bet if you think I can get under my goal time of 5 hrs (9:40 / mile). 

Progressive Bets
You bet an amount and the total amount donated is dependent upon how far above or below my goal I am.  i.e. $75 bet for 5hr goal tops off at $150 if I beat the goal by 30 minutes (possibly) and shrinks to 0 if I miss it by 2 hrs and 30 minutes (not likely unless I stop for some unforeseen reason).

Over Under Bets
This one is even simpler, if I beat the goal, you donate one thing, if I miss you donate the other.  

The Odds
My last ultra was the Vermont 50 (32 miles due to re-routes) which took 5:25 (10:10 / mile) and had 5800' climbing.  My other 50K was Crooms in FL which took 4:17 (8:17 / mile) and had 1600' climbing.  This one has 4600' of climbing. 

I have started off the betting with a $75 progressive bet. 

All donations will go to the American Cancer Society in spirit of Breast Cancer awareness month.  Click the below link to make a bet, all donations are greatly appreciated.

Groton Trail Race Recap

Last weekend I ran my tune up race, 9.5 miles in the Groton Town Forest.  The race had a nice mixture of technical trails with switch backs, steep ascents and even steeper descents, and some easy fire road mileage.  After promising myself I would take it easy, I started out with the main group running a 6:40 first mile.  From there I did back off as we hit some of the hills and found a nice comfortable pace around 7:20.  I finished with plenty of energy left in the tank, the primary goal going into next weeks race.

Following the race, our friends John and Sue Ann hosted a Pig Roast and a bunch of our friends got to meet Neil for the first time.  Special shout out to John and Sue Ann for hosting another kick ass party.

The Pig Neil Sleeping by the Fire

The Lull

Dialing it back before a race has always been tough.  I know the goal is to go into the race in optimal condition, but it seems that once I finally get comfortable maintaining higher mileage it is time to back off.  Anyways, glad I have Neil to keep me occupied during my downtime.  It is only a matter of time before he is running these races with me. :)

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