Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving Back

Giving Back
It is never to early in your life to take a step back, be thankful for what you have, and give back to those less fortunate.  After some long talks with Dad over the weekend, we have decided to begin a new fundraising campaign through the website CrowdRise (A donation based website I found in Runners World).  Our new goal moving forward is to donate / raise at least $1 / mile that Dad runs. 

We are going to switch it up from month to month and we will begin with the charity Direct Relief International.  Currently Direct Relief has a campaign to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. 

A Little More About Direct Relief
- Established in 1948
- Providing assistance in 72 countries
- Primary mission is to help those affected by disaster, poverty, and political unrest
- High ratings among U.S. nonprofits from Charity Navigator (“4 Stars”), Forbes (“100% fundraising efficiency”), Consumers Digest (“99.1% Program Spending Efficiency”), and The Non-Profit Times
- Has already committed $250K to the Hurricane Sandy efforts

How this Works
- Each week I will make a donation equal to Dad's total mileage to our Crowd Rise Account. (Don't tell him that I memorized his CC #)
- Anyone wishing to provide a per mile donation can do so at the link below
- Follow / comment on our twitter, facebook, and blog posts.
- You can match for a week or the entire month. 

Estimated Mileage for November: 140 miles
Donation Link:

Bradbury 50K
Two weeks ago I watched my first ultra marathon.  This was the 4th race I have been to and man it went on forever.  The race started at 9am (I was still in bed and did not show up until 11ish).  After what seemed to be an eternity, Dad popped out of the woods, looking tired and burnt out. Then all of a sudden he ran back into the woods.  Mom said he was only halfway done.  After some running, more running, walking, hiking, and a little more running we got to see him again at the mile 27 aid station.  Luckily for him, our buddy Jen was there and ran with him for the final 6 miles.  A few naps, later, he reappeared again and we finally got to go home.  Man ultra marathoners are nuts.  I can't wait to do my first one. 

- Neil

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