Sunday, November 25, 2012

SRR, Track, and SF

It has been 3 weeks since our last post so it is definitely time for an update from the world of sports of the multisport maniac (Scot) and the little maniac (Neil). 

Crowd Rise (Direct Relief International for Nov)
Through the 22nd of November I have put in 105 miles and Neil is keeping up with my mileage through his donations.  I am not going to get to the goal of 150 this month, but should be 135 or so which isn't too bad for a month following a 50K with some traveling.  Donations are always welcome -

Somerville Road Runners
After participating in weekly events for the past few years I finally became a member of the Somerville Road Runners (SRR).  So far I have been to 1 track work, which is held weekly on Tuesdays at Tufts University, and have ordered a new tech shirt and hat.  Lucky for us, SRR colors are black and yellow, which go nicely with Neil's Under Armour shirt (also yellow) that he got a few weeks back. 

San Francisco
We just got back from a week in San Francisco.  This was Neil's 1st flights (both direct) and he was a trooper.  On the way out there were plenty of extra seats on the plane so we were able to spread out nicely and Neil had his own seat (and got more then enough attention from Amy, Aunt Meryl, all the flight attendants, and myself).  We stayed with Amy's uncle's Richard and Dennis in Oakland for our stay. 

I got 3 runs and a trail race in while out west.  On Monday I ran 5.7 miles in the Redwood Regional Forest which included some gnarly switchbacks and almost 900' of climbing.  Tuesday I stuck to the roads putting in another 4.6 with another 530' and on Wednesday 4 more with 540'. 

Thursday, Amy, Meryl (Amy's sister), Dan (Amy's father), and I all headed across the bay to Golden Gate Park for the 10th anniversary edition of the Turkey Trail Trot (I ran this race back in 2010 also).  I started off strong with 6:21 and 6:17 miles, but then started to slow as the fatigue from the previous days climbs caught up with me (Miles 2 and 3 were 6:52 and 6:49).  I was able to finish strongly with a 6:13 keeping my average at 6:30.  11 / 162 AG, 28 / 921 OA.  Special shout out to Meryl for finishing her 1st 5 mile road race.  We'll have her running ultra's in no time :). 

Thanksgiving was a blast with a turkey that weighed almost as much as Neil and getting to see a bunch of Amy's relatives that we hadn't seen in a few years.  We also got to meet our friends Sarah and Katie's son Ethan who is just 5 weeks old and makes Neil look like a giant and we got to see our friend Bill's new house which is just a modest 7000 square feet.  

After a red eye flight back we are glad to be home and getting back on a normal schedule.   

What's Next?  Neil has been asking to go to Iceland next Summer so it might be time to get him a passport.  Our next flight will be to North Carolina in February to visit more relatives and race the Black Mountain Marathon.  But before then I have a 5K road race (12/9) in which I am hoping to set a new personal record.  What is better then to end the first year as a parent proving that it can't slow you down?

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