Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Wrap Up / A Look into 2013

It is that time of the year again when we get to sum up the last year and look forward to the next.  2012 was a big year both athletic wise and in life in general. We are looking forward to an equally exciting 2013.

2012 Wrap Up
- Bought our 1st single family home in January and started a new job.

- Ran my first marathon (yes I am backwards and ran a 50K before a marathon).  Held Boston qualifying pace (7:03 / mile) through 18 miles before falling off and finishing at 3:19.
- Our first child, Neil, arrived and kept us wide awake for six weeks before falling into a nice routine.
- Ran a 1 mile road race between Porter and Harvard Square in July finishing in 5:16, 3 seconds slower then my high school PR.
- Ran my 3rd 50K race in October, getting lost, and making it my new longest run at 33 miles. 
 - Finished the year by slaughtering my 5K PR by 32 seconds which now stands at 18:02 (5:48 / mile).
- Covered 1493 miles running, a 223 mile / 18% increase over 2011.
- Began donating $1 / mile as of November 1st.

What's in Store for 2013
- Continue donating $1 / mile (January 2013's Charity is the NE Organ Bank, click to donate)
- Black Mountain Marathon in February down in Asheville, NC
- Some type of race (Half Marathon or Marathon) in Iceland next Summer
- First 50 mile trail run in VT next fall
- Some other PRs (at least another 5K) in yet to be determined races
- Teaching Neil to walk, ride a bike, and run like the wind

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