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The Beginning of 2013

Athlete Spotlight: Max King

I have been following the trail runner, Max King, for the past couple of years.  My interest in him is largely due to his versatility and his consistency. He is a 2:14 marathoner and Xterra National and World Trail Running Champion many times over. Max King was named "Trail Runner of the Year" by Trail Running Magazine after setting a course record in his first ultra (JFK 50 mile in 5:24:58, a 6:42-per-mile pace) and placing 8th at the steeple chase at the US Olympic trials in the same year.

Below is a simple quote from Max when asked what he attributes his ability to excel at a variety of events.

"I've got a strong will and faith that the gifts I was given will allow me to reach my goals. It's a process and I'm willing to take the time to excel if I really believe I can do it. I reach a lot of my goals by simply outlasting and allowing my body to absorb the stress that I put on it. I'm certainly very blessed in what I've been able to accomplish and don't take it for granted."

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This pretty much sums up my views on running and exercise in general.  After sharing the article with Amy, she told me "I can see you retiring in 10 years, focusing on running, and taking care of the kids."

So there you have it :).  

The Beginning of 2013

I ran 92 miles over the 1st half of this month including a 21 mile long run and 4 X 1 mile @ 6:00 pace track workout.  I am feeling stronger than ever right now and really looking forward to what's coming up.

During Saturday's long run, as I was counting the miles down between 15-20 and thinking about how much I was going to tickle Neil in the afternoon, I started to realize something; that I was not fatigued to my normal point.  My run was going to bring me to meet up with Amy and Neil at a friend's house.  As I reached mile 20, I thought to myself, "Ah what's another mile?" This maybe the first time in a run that long that I had felt that good that far into a run.  

Over the next two weeks I planning on running 102 miles with a new single week high of 52 miles.  Over the course of the year I am aiming to get this number up to 70+ miles before I take on my first 50 mile race in September. 


I started 2013 out with the SRR Winter Challenge, the same 4.06 course that I run on Thursday nights in Somerville.  I decided that Neil was finally old enough for his first race after putting in 22 miles with me over 4 runs the previous week.  Like many other races before, I started saying I was going to take it easy, but as soon as it started, Bam!, we were off. 

About 1/3 of a mile in and half way up winter hill we passed the other stroller, a double with a 3 yrd old and 15 month old.  At this point I knew I had the "stroller division" made and all thoughts of going easy went out the window.  I finished the 1st mile in 7:06 (with 117' of climbing).  From there I was just rubbing it in and as I went around a corner near the end of the 2nd mile a volunteer shouted "Now your just showing off."  I picked it up for the final mile with the help of a lead blocker (to keep the cars away) and finished with a 6:20 and a 6:43 avg.  Neil celebrated by ringing a cow bell.  I do believe his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd words were "This was awesome."

In just under 6 weeks, I will be taking on my 2nd marathon (5th race of this distance or longer).  The Black Mountain Marathon, takes place in Asheville, NC and includes a partial traverse up Mt Mitchell (highest peak east of the Mississippi).  There is 3000' climbing over the 1st 13 miles with equal descent on the back half.   

I am still working the full schedule for the year and plan on leaving plenty of room to throw in some fun races at the last minute.  Below is a tentative schedule.

Feb Black Mnt Marathon (Registered)
March  An Ras More 5K (Tentative)
April BAA 5k (Tentative)
June Mnt Washington Road Race (Tentative Pending Lottery)
July 24 hour relay as part of Race around the Lake (Floating the Idea)
Aug Iceland Marathon or Half Marathon (Tentative)
Sept Vermont 50 Mile Run (Tentative)

Charity of the Month

This months charity is the New England Organ bank. At 92 miles in, this looks to be my biggest month yet.  All donations welcome.  Click to donate.

- Multisport Maniac

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