Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blizzard 2013

Blizzard 2013
I survived my first blizzard last weekend and it was a blast.   It all began with a day home with Mom and Dad on Friday as day care was closed.  I did my best to take long naps and play on my own so they could still get some work done. 

Around 4:30 Dad, Keith, and Jen went out for a run.  I heard Dad say "There are two types of runners, those who get their run in before the storm, and those that wait for the storm."  I am just glad he has friends as crazy as him so that he didn't go out there alone.  Jen put in 5 with while Keith and Dad continued on to 8.5 including an ascent of the trails behind McLean hospital. 

Our awesome neighbors hosted a pot luck later that night, so I put on my snowsuit for the 100ft trek over.   I got to try at least 4 different types of soup and stay out way past my bedtime. 

On Saturday we slept in and then had a full breakfast before heading outside to dig out.  It was absolutely crazy out there with snow drifts at least 3 times my height.  It took Dad and Keith 3 hours to dig out our house and another hour to dig out Keith and Jen's house.  But once they were done, we got to go outside and play in the snow and Mom even helped me make my first snow angel.

But the best part of the whole storm, was when we all got to go in for hot chocolate when it was all over.  

23 Miles to Weston
If 4 hours of shoveling wasn't enough, Dad and Keith put in a 23 mile run on Sunday. I went and hung out with Grandma for the afternoon while Mom and Jen went skiing.  Dad had a crazy idea that he and Keith would just run to the Weston Ski track.  Sure enough, just over 3 hours later they arrived in Weston.  That takes some real endurance to put in back to back days like that. 

T-6 Days to Black Mountain
Next Friday I am flying for the second time, this time down to Asheville, NC for our next racecation -- visit relatives while Dad runs a race.  Aunt Jane and Uncle Terry will be hosting us and I'm looking forward to meeting them and some of our cousins.  I will be on my best behavior this week to make sure Dad is fully rested going into the race. 

- The Little Maniac

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