Friday, March 15, 2013

Summer is Coming

My First Race
I have officially picked out my first race, the Reykjavik Marathon Festival Lazy Town Run.  The race is 550m meters long and I even get a t-shirt and medal for participating.  Sure I can't walk quite yet, but I have been seriously working on my cruising ability and am fully confident that I will be able to run come August.  I can't wait.

We booked our two big trips this past week, both international, so mom, dad, and I will be making a trip to the post office to drop off my passport application this coming Saturday morning.

The 1st trip will be a little over a week in Iceland in August and will include a good share of swimming, hiking, and possibly even visiting a glacier.  The trip is currently in the early planning stages, but I'll keep you posted on what we decide.  Tickets have been booked.

Our 2nd international trip will be down to the British Virgin Islands for Auntie Meryl's wedding.  She will be getting married on Virgin Gorda in November.

Mom and dad booked this trip using their cache of frequent flier miles and we even get to fly first class on our return trip :).

Mom's Birthday
We celebrated mom's birthday earlier this week and dad got us matching bike jerseys.  Of course dad doesn't have very much patience, so we got to open them immediately after they arrived even though it was a few days before mom's birthday.  We pulled out my bike seat (that clips to the handle bars) the other day and I tried my helmet on.  Now that it fits, we area ready to go once it gets a little warmer out.

Looking forward to a fun summer.

- The Little Maniac

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