Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I am Boston Strong

Groton 5K
We took on my first official race this past Sunday in Groton.  I stayed in the stroller so we could maximize our speed.  We took the 1st mile on the slower side and started a little farther back then I thought we should have to, to stay out of other peoples way, but after the 1st mile we picked the pace up considerably.  With about a half mile to go we blew by a group of about 5 people.  I sounded the horn, literally blowing as a much as I could, to clear the way.  As we hit the track for the final 250 meters, Dad found a new gear and with over 100 people cheering for us, we sprinted into the finish. 

19:57  -- 23 of 1074 -- 1st Stroller

Groton 10K
Following our running of the 5K. Dad continued on to run the 10K (About 40 minutes later).  He complained some about having dead legs, but was still able to finish in 40:11.  Not too bad a day for the both of us.  But man I was tired afterwards. 

Karno's Kids
Dad finished off April with 167 miles.  Today we made a donation to Karno's Kids to match the mileage.  I am proud to be able to help out. 

The Boston Marathon
Two weeks have now gone by since the tragic events at the Boston Marathon finish line.  24-hours early, I was there watching the 5K and invitational kilometer and mile. I had a great time feeding off their energy.  Dad and I are dedicating the rest of the year to running against violence.  

The One Fund Boston
Dad and I donated $1 per planned mile run during the month of May to the One Fund Boston.  We are setting an aggressive goal at 200 miles (The most dad has run in a month thus far is 190).  Instead of our normal approach of setting a goal, and then donating at the end of the month based on how close we get to the goal, we are going to flip the equation on its head and donate at the beginning of the month and aim to hit that goal.  Don't you worry,  I will be riding him hard to make sure he hits that number. 

- The Little Maniac (Neil)

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