Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring has Arrived

With the completion of March comes April and with April comes a break from the winter weather.  While we are not out of the woods yet, we have already seen a glimpse of what is in store.  I was able to get out and run some trails in a t-shirt and shorts a few days this week.

In a week and a half I will be taking on my next 5K with high hopes of going sub 18 for the first time.  The race takes place in down town Boston with a finish identical to the Boston Marathon.  Training has been going pretty well, but I have been struggling to stay healthy between trying to fight off stomach bugs and colds.  From what I hear, this is a lovely benefit of parenthood.  None the less, I am in the middle of a 50 mile week right now and set a new course PR for myself at the Casey's Thursday night run last week.

What's on Deck
Two weeks following the BAA 5K, we are making a trip back to the Groton Road races.  This year I signed up for both the 5K and 10K (held back to back).  No crazy goals for this race.  I might even be running one of the races with Neil in the stroller.  Anyways, we will be hanging out with our friends Sue Ann and John with a bbq and beer following the race. 

My next race after this will be the Pineland Farm's 50K (my 4th 50K) up in New Gloucester, ME.  This is a trail running festival that consists of a range of races including a barefoot 5K (which I will never run again after last year's debacle), a canicross race (a race where you run with your dog), and everything from 10K through 50 mile.  We are looking forward to heading back up to the race and staying with our friends Julie and Dale again.  

Training for My First 50 Miler
Over the last few weeks I have been putting together my training schedule for my first 50 mile trail race.  Originally I was planning on the VT 50 on 9/28, but this has been derailed by a friends wedding.  I mean come on, who gets married the day before the VT 50, really?  Ok I get it.  It probably isn't on the list of events most people even know of.

We are now aiming on the Virgil Crest 50 miler the week before which is out near Ithaca NY.  According to the race description it is pretty similar to the VT with with near 10K feet of climbing over the race.  It also follows my typical trend of not running the longest race of the festival (there are 50K and 100 Mile options at this event also). 

So with 24 weeks to go, I have roughly 1250 miles of running planned.  Neil has graciously volunteered to accompany me for at least 300 as long I promise to teach him to walk and ride a bike before then. 

Charity Update
We finished out March with a 116 miles which was pretty good considering I was recovering from marathon and then recovering from a stomach bug.  March's charity was Walk Boston, an organization dedicated promoting exercise and safe walking routes around the Boston area. 

For April, I have selected Karno's Kids as my charity, the official charity of endurance icon, Dean Karnazes.  Karno's Kids charter is to encourage, motivate, and inspire our youth to become physically active and to restore & preserve the environment for their future use and enjoyment.

I thought this was an appropriate charity as Neil becomes more active and can partake in outdoor activities.  

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