Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Training Update

Over the past few weeks I have been attempting to keep my training up with a busy schedule and increase the volume in prep for September's 50 miler.  To say this has been somewhat of a challenge is probably an understatement, but I am happy to say that I feel I have crossed a new threshold in my training and am still on track.

This latest segment started the day after my last race, a single mile run on the Tuft's track at the 26 X 1 Club challenge.  That Sunday I did a 16 mile hilly trail run in 75 degree weather with 65% humidity and then chased it with 6 mile run that evening.  This was the beginning of the hot and humid runs that lead to a struggle in training for the next week and a half.

After taking a day off, I ran double sessions for the next 3 days trying both keep my mileage up and survive the crazy rise in heat and humidity.  All of those runs were either in the 70's or 80's with at least 70% humidity.  It was pretty tough or as Channel 7 news calls it "Oppressive."

Finally on Friday morning we fled to California for the weekend where we were attending a college friend's wedding.  While the humidity was significantly lower then the east coast, it was quite hot in Sonoma.  I crammed in a 5 mile run right after we arrived in 93 degree heat and chased it with a jump in the pool.  On Sunday I put in a cool 8 miles before heading home.

The wedding was fun.  It was a busy weekend with a BBQ on Friday, floating down the Russian river Saturday morning, the wedding Saturday evening, and a Sunday breakfast and wine tastings before heading home.

Hot week 1 = 40 miles (including 13 in California)

The heat and humidity continued on through the next week with the next 5 days hitting at least 90 degrees and most of them being very humid.  Over the next 6 days I ran anything from 4 miles to 10 miles and lost no less then 4 pounds of water weight on each run.  My suffering came to a climax on Thursday morning (the 4th) when I put in another 10 miles after running 10 hilly trail miles the night before; The temperature 78, the humidity 89%.

We spent the rest of 4th hanging out on Amy's parent's sail boat and relaxing.  This was also Neil's first time on any type of boat. 

I felt totally exhausted by the end of the day and was not sure how I was going to keep this up.  That night Amy and I sulked in our room with the AC cranked watching episodes of Breaking Bad on my laptop.  The next day I got up and threw down 6 miles.  It was hot and humid, but I made it through feeling ok.  Saturday I ran 10 miles from Lexington to Walden Pond and met Amy and Neil for a swim.  This workout was a little tough, but I held a solid pace and made it through.  I finished the week off with another humid run with Neil in the stroller on Sunday feeling pretty good.

Hot week 2 = 50 miles, 7 runs over 6 days all hot and humid

Last week I reached 67 miles, a new high.  Luckily the temp dropped back down and most of my runs were in the 70's.  I did my 1st hill workout pushing Neil in the stroller on Tuesday surviving 3 climbs of Park ave.

On Saturday I put in 30 miles of running meeting Amy and Neil at Walden again.  I still was sweating quite a bit, but was feeling much better about it. 

(Not as) Hot week 3 = 67 miles, 8 runs over 6 days not crazy hot, but still humid

I feel I have gotten over the latest hump.  Maybe it was the slightly lower temps this past week.  Maybe I have just adapted to the heat and humidity.  Just glad to have my spirit back. 

Supporting the local business (Kids selling lemonade and Freeze Pops) in Lexington Center 25 miles into Saturday's Run. 

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