Saturday, July 6, 2013

Year 1 is in the Books

My Party
Just over a week ago we celebrated my first birthday and it was awesome.  We had a small party at our house with a few other kids my age.  We had turkey burgers, hot dogs and cup cakes.  I managed to get a little frosting on my face, but I don't think that anyone could tell.  We also got to open a bunch of presents, which was quite a bit of work, as most of the boxes were bigger then I am.  All and all it was a awesome party and I had a lot of fun. 

A Look Back at Year 1
Over the past few weeks I have been working with Dad on making my year 1 album.  We finally finished it and put in the order for it yesterday.  It really shows all the cool things that we did in my first year and how much I have grown and changed.  To think that I could barely move and not even roll over last year at this time. Now I can run full speed across the room.  It is crazy!  Couple of fun notes I want to share from year 1.
- I have visited 7 states so far including flights to California and North Carolina and now even have a passport
- I went Hiking and Cross Country Skiing
- I have run with Dad in two 5K races and even won the under 18 age group once
- I helped Dad train for two 50K races and a mountain marathon.  He PR'd in his latest one. 
- Dad and I ran 124 miles with the jogging stroller and had a long run of 8 miles
- I learned to walk and run

The Beginning of Year 2
Year 2 has been exciting so far.  I spent the weekend with Grandma Susan and Grandpa Gary where we spent time on walks, at the park, and in a pool they got me.  I spent the 4th of July in RI sailing with Mom's side of the family.  They even let me drive for a little while.

For the next month I am going to be working Dad hard as he trains for his first 50 miler.  In August we are going to spend a full week in Iceland.  I am wicked excited.

Soon we are going to start cycling together.  First I'll spend some time in the cart behind the bike, but once my legs grow long enough, we can take my bike out.  I am hoping that happens really soon.  I am already 2' 5.5''. 

My First Real Race
Today I signed up for my first official race (one that I will run not get pushed during).  I have been working real hard over the past couple weeks to make sure I can run more then just a few steps without crashing into anything.  Next up, develop my first training plan. 

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