Monday, August 12, 2013

T-12 Days to my First Race

This Friday I leave the country for the first time to travel to Iceland.  We'll be there for nine days.  We are spending some time up on the north portion of the island near Akureyri where we plan on seeing some wonderful waterfalls and do some hikes.  We head back to Reykjavik for the second half of the trip where we plan to do some more hiking and see some Geysers.  We cap the trip off with Dad and Keith running the Iceland Marathon and me taking on my first race, the Lazy Town Run 1/2 K.   

I have been pretty busy over the past two months since my last post.  We went sailing for the first time over the fourth of July, we went to Kimball's farm for a party with Mum's work, we spent the day at Todd's lake house, and went to an Ice Cream Sundae Party, a Pool Party, and helped Dad celebrate his birthday all this past weekend.  I have a couple of new teeth coming in also and cannot seem to get enough fruit right now.

Anyways, back to the race. Below is a course map that I have been studying.  I have been getting pretty good at some short dashes and have even been testing out a couple different pair of sneakers.    

Look for my next post in a couple of weeks when I recap my race and our trip.  

- The Little Maniac

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