Sunday, November 3, 2013

This is Our City

In the words of the great David "Big Papi" Ortiz, "This is our City"

This past week I experienced my very first championship with the Red Sox winning the World Series.  It was absolutely awesome and I have never been more proud to be from Boston. 

Mom and Dad said that I was acting superstitious when I stopped shaving for the playoffs, but hey we Bostonians take these things seriously. My friend Charlotte at Day Care asked me the other day if I was a Red Sox fan and I responded with "By Birth."  I was literally born at Beth Israel Hospital, official hospital of the Boston Red Sox and have a voucher for a tour when I turn 5 (a perk that comes with birth at the hospital). My Aunt Laura has graciously offered to take me, but I am pretty sure that Dad plans on going so we'll have to see. 

Game 6
Mom and Dad let me stay up and watch the first half of game 6 before going to bed.  Once Victorino had that base clearing double I knew we were in good shape. Dad seemed a little stressed still and was muttering something about having been here before, but I wasn't worried.  I got up briefly after 1am just to make sure they closed it out.

The Parade
Saturday morning Mom, Dad, Auntie Laura and I biked down to the Long Fellow bridge and saw the final parts of the parade with the Duck Boats.  While we were waiting I made a bunch of new friends as I attempted to give away Mom and Dad's sun glasses and bike helmets.  I even got this one lady to pretend to be happy when I handed her a hand full of dirt.  Silly Woman. 

Caribbean Here We come
In just a few days we head down to the Carribean for Auntie M's wedding.  I am looking forward to some time to relax and hit up the beaches.  I even got a new life jacket for the trip. 

- The Little Maniac (Neil)

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