Monday, February 3, 2014

1 Cold Month and 100 Events Completed

One Cold Month
This past month has been the coldest month that I can remember.  Now I know I haven't been around that long, but man come on.  I even had to break my rule a couple of times and put gloves on when I went outside.  To put it into perspective I have graphed Dad's runs over the month to show what we had to endure.

There was one run with more miles then degrees. 31 outdoor runs overall in very chilly month.

100th Event
Dad completed his 100th event (post collegiate -- 2006) yesterday in Kendall Square.  The race was a 5 mile flat and fast course that made it almost to Harvard and back.  Dad said his goal was to run 6 minute mile pace, but he showed back up over 40 seconds early and at an all out sprint.  I looked at his Garmin data after we got home and it said he was running around 3:40 / mile pace over the last 13 seconds of the race.  I hope I can run that fast some day.

With the completion of his 100th event, we took a look back at what types of events he has completed over the years.  Below is a quick summary.

Road races(32): Up to Marathon
Stroller Races (5):
Up to 4 miles (1st stroller race 4/2013)
Trail Runs(16):
Up to 50 Miles (1st trail race 8/2010, 1st Ultra 4/2011)
Runs of Marathon or Longer (8)
(1st marathon 2/2012)
Up to 70.3 (1st Tri 7/2007, most races between 2008 and 2010)
Team Relays(4)
Winter Multisport(3)
Charity Bike Rides(9):
Up to 270 miles (Tri State Trek - 2008)
Other Bike Rides (3)
Indoor Time Trials(3)
Swim Meets (4)
Open Water Swims (1)

I'm Ready  
Since it has been so cold outside lately, I have been playing with some of my stuff in the house.  Last week I practiced wearing my helmet around and stole mom's bike gloves and wore them around too.  A little later I found a head lamp and tried that on.  As soon as it gets a little warmer I am taking Mom and Dad exploring with my new toys. 

Looking forward to some warmer weather as the days get longer :).

- The Little Maniac (Neil)

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