Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olympic Update

We have been watching the Olympics 24 X 7 (or Tivo-ing it) for the past week and a half. I am still in the process of picking which event (or events) that I want to compete in.  Below are a complete list of my favorites so far.

Favorite Moment
Watching Noelle Pikus Pace jump into the stands after winning the silver medal and her son, who is only a little older than me wander around like a zombie.  She was just so elated to have won a medal and he just looked like he needed to go to sleep.  I have definitely been there while hanging out with Mom and Dad. 

Most Heart
This was a tough one after watching speed skating, biathlon (specifically the women's 7.5k race, which included penalty laps for missed shots), and a range of other cross country skiing events. My vote goes to the Swedish Women's team in the 4 X 10K relay.  The way their anchor leg closed the gap and pushed past the rest of the field was purely amazing.

Calmest Nerves
My vote here goes out to TJ Oshie and his dual against the Russians the other day.  I know I definitely wouldn't be able to even skate across the rink without loosing the puck.

I am targeting the 2034 Olympics for my Winter Olympic debut.  I was originally thinking of one of the cross country skiing events as they would pair nicely with my running background, but then I got to thinking that maybe I should do a multisport event.  Dad and I talked it over below is the new event we are going to push for.

We call it the Modern Neilathlon.

Mogul Skiing
Speed Skating
Boarder Cross (Staggered start time based on score going into the event)

Training has already commenced.

USA USA USA (Pronounced yeah yeah yeah)

- The Little Maniac

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