Monday, May 5, 2014

Groton Tot's Trot and The Groton 5K

Groton Tot's Trot
Location: Groton, MA
Date: 4/27/2014

Distance: ~ 25 Yards
Goal Time:  Less then 1 minute 
Actual Time: 47 Seconds
Place: Who Know's

Last weekend I completed my third race, the Groton's Tot's trot.  The race was on the infield of the track and was about 25 yards long.

For this race they had you line up by age, so I jumped in with the 1 year old crowd.  Some of them looked completely lost.  I knew if I could stay focused I had the race in the bag (literally, they gave you a bag of snacks at the end).  Once they started the race I was a little un-sure if I wanted to participate but with a little coaxing from Mom I got going ok.  About half way there I could see this weird dude dress up in an alligator costume whose name was "Allie."  I laughed as I ran by him to collect my winnings.  

After a quick snack, Dad and I took off in the 5K race.  Last year we managed to snag 23rd place so I was eager to see how we would do. All that running in the morning made me tired so I opted for a quick nap while Dad ran.  When I woke up Dad let me know that we dropped 14 seconds off last years time which was good enough for 22nd place.

Next weekend Dad and I are taking on the M.O.M.'s run in Davis square and are hoping to make it 7 - 0 in the stroller division.  
- The Little Maniac

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