Sunday, September 21, 2014

Virgil Crestiversary

One year ago this weekend I took on my first 50 mile race, the Virgil Crest Ultramarathon.  That was by far the most challenging course I have every run, which included over 10,000 ft of climbing, creek crossings, log jumping, and even a double climb of a ski hill (underneath the chair lift). 

Since this race, I have absolutely been on fire setting personal records in every measurable distance.   Most of these races I have worn my Virgil shirt underneath my uniform as it gives me confidence that I can do anything. 

As I write this post, I am exactly 6 weeks out from the Manchester City Marathon.  The marathon is the only distance that I have yet to PR in this year. 

After the Mine falls run
Today I completed a 24 mile training run on the Mine Falls trails in Nashua, NH.  Last Tuesday I did a track workout where I fluctuated from 6:10 to 6:50 pace (every half mile) over five miles.  I am feeling stronger then ever right now and eager to see what I can do in Manchester. 

Neil ready to take off
Amy has been dialing it up also lately.  Last week she took on and completed the Honey 100, a 100k road / off road mix ride on her new cyclocross bike.  Today she did nearly 50 miles at the Hub on wheels. 

Amy before the Honey 100
Neil has been riding his bike all over the place and even attempting to bike off on every road bike he sees.  We are looking forward to getting a tandem bike and taking him on some real rides next Spring. 

Sometimes I get the question "How do you train".  Well below is my 7 weeks training schedule leading up to Manchester.  Each schedule is always slightly different as the goal races differ, but below is the current plan for a 3 hour marathon attempt. 

- Scot

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