Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In the Bank

My last 5 weeks of training may have been the strongest set I have ever put in.  Back-to-back 70+ mile weeks, followed by a 40 mile recovery week with a sub 18 minute hilly 5K, only to be followed with back-to-back 80+ mile weeks ending with a 9.5 mile hilly trail race. 

Whenever in a high training volume, one feels the need to tell everyone about it.  Part of it is saying, "Hey look what I am accomplishing" and part of it is saying "Hey I'm working hard." Myself and many of my friends like to use the term "In the bank" or simply "Banked" meaning, this training is now complete and I have faith it is going to pay me back later. 

According to Urban Dictionary, "Money in the bank" is used to express generally positive feelings or outcomes and can also be used to praise, and commend; both of which match our above uses. 

Coming off this last training set I feel strong.  Saturday I ran 24 miles, mostly trails, and then simply went about my day.  Sunday I ran 9.5 mile trail race at slightly over 7 minute pace with steep ascents and even steeper descents.  I figured if I could hold a solid pace for the last 9.5 miles of my 164 mile two week stretch, then nothing will be able to stop me at Manchester. 

So much of running is believing in yourself and having faith in your training. This year has been more then just a break out season for me.  I have crushed my PR in all distances from a 17 second 1 mile PR to a 3 hour 50 mile PR.  This has been the accumulation of three years of increasingly intense mileage where I accomplished my multi-year goal of running the Leadville 50. 

The only thing that remains is the marathon; the last PR, the last component to a perfect season, and the coveted Boston Qualifier. 

As I enter my taper (and begin the process of losing my mind), it is time to give the body some rest, let it recover, and reflect on a season that I will never be able to replicate. 

Cheerish the present, celebrate the past, and look forward to the future. 

- The Multisport Maniac.

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