Monday, January 12, 2015

The Running Streak - Year 1 Review (Plus a little)

As of today my running streak has turned 377 days.  Over the course of that time I have run 2596.7 miles with an average of 6.88 miles per day.  I thought it might be interesting to take a look back and pull out some statistics as well as some key days that show what a running streak is all about.

First Run
Day 1: A 3.03 out and back run to Fresh Pond with Jen and Keith.  Started the streak off with short run, but chilly around 21 degrees.

Coldest Run
Day 4: 8 Degrees.  Also happened to be a 5K named the Resolution Run to Kick Cancer.  Knowing it was cold going into the weekend, the race director sent out an email saying "Think running in the cold is hard, try fighting cancer."  Puts everything in perspective for you.

Hottest Run
Day 176: 88 Degrees.  Overall 2014 was not too hot a year.  I cracked 90 multiple times in 2013 before I started the streak.

Highest Run
Day 194: Leadville Silver Rush 50 - My third 50 mile run, but first at altitude.  The race started at 10,000 ft and hit 12,000 on six separate occurrences. Went out a little too hard and paid for it on the back half. Special shout out to Neil and Amy for not letting me quit.

Fastest Run
Day 172: SRR 26 X 1 Relay - 4:53. First sub 5 minute mile ever.

Most Painful Runs (Needed to name a few here)
Day 80: Stomach Bug Run - Had a stomach bug and spent the night vomitting.  Felt good enough late afternoon to slog a mile and keep the streak going.
Day 146: Stumble Run - Slog mile the day after a massive 3 hour, 50 mile PR.  Hurt like hell, but felt much better after the run.
Day 195: Pride Run - Slog mile with Jen and Keith the day after Keith and I completed the Leadville Silver Rush 50. Beaming with pride after accomplishing my top bucket list item.  

Days Around 1 Mile: 26 
This encompassed everything from race recover to really hard workout recovery to fighting off aches, pains, and slight injuries.  That is an average of 1 every 14.5 days.

Runs of Marathon or Longer: 5
In 2014, I raced 3 ultras and 1 marathon: Day 116: TARC Spring Classic 50K, Day 145: Salomon Trail Festival 50 Miler,  Day 194: Leadville Silver Rush 50, and Day 306: Manchester City Marathon.  I also logged a 28.3 mile training run during the Boston Marathon training day (Day 88).

Today's Runs
I logged two runs today.  First a slush fest on the battle road and then an out and back to Watertown Square to get some hills in.  All and all feeling incredible strong as I ramp up to my next ultra: a 40 mile ascent / descent of Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi.  

Happy Streaking!

- Scot

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